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Free UK delivery on orders above £50

Hydrate & Heal

The cure for dry skin

Did you know that the skin’s lipid barrier is the last line of defense in preventing moisture loss? Think of it as a breathable cling film for skin. As we age, our lipid barrier thins and becomes less effective and patchy. You will never have perfect skin if the lipid barrier is damaged. Rebuilding the lipid barrier is key!

The experts at ZOYA created the NAKED MANICURE treatment system to deeply deliver exactly what skin needs before locking it in beneath a fortified lipid barrier resulting in fresher, newer, brighter looking skin instantly.


  • Immediately visible results
  • Light non-greasy formulas
  • Intense hydration
  • Brighter, healthier looking skin

Hydrating Hand & Body Serum

Instantly improve the appearance of skin with the unique formula of moisture imparting hyaluronic acid (HA) and powerful antioxidants. The unique spray serum quickly absorbs and provides long-lasting results. Continued use will reduce dryness, increase brightness and reveal a more even skin tone. Follow with HEALING DRY SKIN HAND & BODY CREAM to lock in moisture.


Spray over hands, body or feet and gently massage. See immediate results. Optional - Use NAKED MANICURETM HEALING DRY SKIN HAND AND BODY CREAM to help lock in moisture. Not intended for use on face and neck.

High concentration of hyaluronic acid preps and conditions skin to lock in moisture and give hands a brighter, more even look.

Healing Dry Skin Hand & Body Cream

Light, non-greasy, yet powerful and moisture-rich soufflé style lotion delivers moisture to instantly improve the look and feel of dry, rough skin on hands, feet and body. Use alone or over HYDRATING HAND & BODY SERUM to lock in moisture and give hands a younger, smoother feel. Ideal for long-term results.


Apply directly to desired areas of body, hands and feet and massage. Optional use over NAKED MANICURETM HYDRATING HAND AND BODY SERUM. Not intended for use on face and neck.

Locks onto serum creating a higher moisture level intake traditional lotions.

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