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Free UK delivery on orders above £50

NM Rescue + Repair

A Patented Break Through

After years of research and development we finally did it! The first ever micronised nail treatment for strong, healthy-looking nails is made from natural oils, fibers, fillers and pH conditioners to be rubbed directly into the nails and sealed with a clear nail polish.

It mimics the nail’s natural sebum to reinforce the strength and flexibility of the nail’s keratin fibers, so you can lock in the benefits up until the next manicure change. See & feel the difference with increased durability and extended polish wear. This PATENTED system makes it simple.

How it works

  • strong keratin bonds.

Under a microscope, nails are a network of interlocking layers of keratin. Healthy-looking nails have tighter, more symmetric layers. This creates a stronger, more flexible nail plate and substantially increases polish wear.

The Rescue Serum is a unique, high concentration potent formula that fills in the peaks and valleys between the keratin layers, strengthens the bond & mimics the nail plate’s hydration mechanism to improve the condition of the natural nail. It also promotes nail strength and flexibility, as it is worn as a cushion underneath the Repair Base.

By sealing in the Rescue Serum with a layer of Repair Base - a groundbreaking formula that adheres to the nail plate - you lock in the nail correcting treatment and the therapeutic strengthening benefits for as long as the Repair Base is on the nails.

This new, improved surface, rich with invisible fillers, dramatically extends polish wear and significantly enhances appearance, while smoothing out uneven ridges, flaking and separation. Your clients' nails will immediately look better and will gradually strengthen over time as they keep on using the system.

How to use

  • Foundation for everything.

Don’t let damaged nails ruin a manicure. Prep them using Rescue & Repair to treat existing damage and extend the wear-time of nail polish. When starting out, apply once a week for 3 weeks to allow the Rescue Serum to deeply condition the nail plate.


Use the provided nail file to shape nails and smooth any free-edge separation. File using an upward motion from underneath the nail to remove any residue, and downward to seal. Make sure to remove lingering stray dust. Clean nail beds with Remove+. This is the only prep needed.


Apply a pea-sized amount of the Rescue Serum to one fingertip; use half the amount for each hand. Distribute evenly among fingernails and massage in until absorbed. Ensure the Rescue Serum is thoroughly absorbed into the nail plate by using horizontal and vertical movements, from side to side and cuticle to free-edge. Rub to dry, do not wash off.


Apply a thin coat of the Repair Base directly on top of the Rescue Serum. Be careful to avoid the cuticle, sidewall, upper corners of free edge, or the skin. Wrap the tip of your free-edge. Clean up with an orange-wood stick if needed.

Nails can be troubled for a number of reasons. Sometimes it’s damage from constant application, scraping and removal of gels or acrylics, or sometimes it’s because your environment, activities and climate can destroy the keratin that gives nails their strength and flexibility.

No matter the reason, we can fix it, as well as bringing therapeutic benefits and instant visual improvement to the appearance and condition of the nails. Best of all, this PATENTED Rescue & Repair system makes it simple, quick and affordable with no prior training needed.

We recommend to offer your clients the Rescue & Repair Home Kit to be used between salon visits or for those who would like to take a break from gels & acrylics, seek to repair their damaged nails and want to take their natural nail care routine to the next level.

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