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Free UK delivery on orders above £50

Smart Spa

Smart Salons Need Smart Solutions

Smart Spa is that solution. With products that do the job of 12 and the choice of bulk or pods in the irresistible mandarin honey fragrance, this system has everything you need. Pedicures are a fast growing service in salons & spas but you need the right system to make them profitable. Choose Smart Spa to experience the smartest pedicure system ever created and take pedicures from so-so to SO SMART!

It's Smart Sense To Use Smart Scents

It’s the fragrance that started it all. This original scent smells like freshly squeezed mandarin oranges and a dash of honey to top it off with something sweet. It’s warm, bright, and slightly spicy as an after-note in this refreshing blend that works universally for a unisex clientele.

" I remember when Mandarin Honey first came out and brought me to Smart Spa. It’s still one of my favourite scents to use on clients. It’s so uplifting and sweet, just perfect for the summer months."

Making Pedicures Smarter, Safer & More Profitable

Finally, the choice is yours. Smart Spa is the first system with choices in sizing and fragrances that work how you work. Choose between backbar bulk, Smart Pod individual containers, or both. It’s smart either way you choose.

Easy Storage Bulk containers offer easy, compact storage so you can store more backbar in less space. You can count on these smart containers to preserve your backbar product’s freshness.

You're in Control You decide how much to use and when, using only what you need for manis and pedis. After all, no service is the same for every client.

Presentation Whether you keep your bulk at your work stations or in the back, you can present the products however you like. Use your own bowls and trays, or create an extravagant presentation to fit the atmosphere of your salon.

Sanitary & Professional Make your clients feel at ease knowing that fresh, sanitary containers are opened each time just for them - (no cross contamination).

The Perfect Amount of Product Always know exactly how many services you have product for. Every SmartPod is filled with enough product to do a luxury spa pedicure from knee to toe.

Save Money & Control Costs Say goodbye to wasting product, time, and money washing the bowls, cups or trays in which you scoop your product.

Paraben Free & Recyclable As always, our products are nontoxic, 10 FREE and never tested on animals. Smart Pods also act as their own disposable & recyclable trays.

Our Pledge to the Environment

Smart Spa has smart standards. We care about what’s inside our products and what happens to them after you use them. This is our pledge to always provide you with quality products that are sustainable in their manufacturing, packaging and disposal. Smart Spa wouldn’t be smart if we didn’t care about sustainability.

Inside every SmartPod or Smart Spa bulk package is a combination of carefully selected ingredients to fit our smart purpose. All ingredients used are naturally derived, ethically sourced, and made in the U.S.A. Before our products get to your salon’s shelves, our ingredients undergo thorough testing by dermatologists to ensure the safety of your clients.

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