Free UK delivery on orders above £50


Free UK delivery on orders above £50

Treat Your Nails

Protect & Perfect

When it comes to nail care, finding a product that will prolong your manicure whilst protecting your nails and improving their appearance means you’re onto a winner. With Zoya’s treatments, from a high grip base coat to a UV protected top coat, you’ll be able to keep your natural nails strong and healthy alongside regularly wearing and switching up your favourite polish colours.

To start off, use Zoya’s award winning Remove+ to take off any leftover polish and prep and nourish the nail for an effortless, high quality application.


All About That Base

Zoya offer two different bases both providing their own great results. The ‘Get Even’ ridge filler helps to create a smooth nail base for perfect polish application by using a dense formula to grip the nail like fibres, ensuring longer wear.

By forming a bond between the nail plate and polish ‘Anchor’ grips and holds polish for maximum wear. Applying one coat before colour to clean nails will help prevent peeling and chipping, as well as strengthening with complex protein chains.


Tough As Nails

Armor by Zoya is both strong and flexible, providing a chip free coating to prevent colour from wear and tear. The top coat protects natural nails alongside prolonging the wear and shine of nail polish. Containing a UV Blocker, Armor prevents exposure to harmful and yellowing UV rays. Apply every 2-3 days to keep your home manicure looking professional.


Hurry Up

Never smudge a nail again with Zoya’s Fast Drops. From your top coat through to your base coat, one drop of the speedy liquid will completely dry your manicure in 5 minutes. Not only do the drops prevent unsightly bubbling, they also ensure colour vibrancy for up to two weeks. Great for a quick yet professional looking finish, without the costly drying devises.