We care about our community

Zoya for Salons & Nail Techs

We value our community & fellow partners to great lengths and we take pride in being at the forefront of supporting small businesses to the best of our ability.

You might have noticed that we are redesigning our website to provide an easier, slicker & customer friendlier service on all platforms. Part of this initiative is to update our 'Salon Finder' feature with relevant and active nail techs & beauty salons, thus catering to the needs of all nail queens and kings seeking to find the best place for a professional nontoxic people & planet friendly Zoya manicure.

We're aiming to bring together UK and Europe based salon services & mobile nail techs with potential client prospects in the name of sustainable nail care that is healthy for your customers & safe for the environment.

With this popular feature you can literally put your business on the map allowing Zoya followers & fellow nail enthusiasts to find you, thus boosting exposure for your business and get your services seen by thousands of website visitors a month.

If you are happy to take advantage of this marketing opportunity and you're keen to be a part of our community, please email us your details (name, address, phone, email - attaching photo is optional) on info@supernail.co.uk

We find it important to look after one another in this financially challenging & extremely turbulent time. This is a 100% FREE offer open to UK & Europe based nail services only in intent to spread good word about brilliant forward-thinking professionals who are ready to change the world one brush stroke at a time.

Let us help you make our success, your success.

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